Gender Schmender

The hot topic in the last couple of weeks has been UK department store John Lewis removing “gender” labelling from their children’s clothes. You can read about the announcement here. To my surprise, reactions online have been very much a mixed bag. something that I really did not believe was an issue has become the source of many an online fight.  Continue reading

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Guest Post – Egg Donation Part Two

Yesterday, you may have read the start of my friend Beccy’s journey to donate her eggs. Here is the second part of her adventure…

As always, descriptions of bodily functions ahead! Part one is HERE if you missed it!

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Guest Post – Egg Donation Part One

We love to talk about sperm donation here – after all that’s where our darling girl came from. But something people don’t talk about is egg donation – women donating their eggs altruistically to give another family a chance at a baby. My wonderful friend Beccy has recently been through the process and I asked her to share it with the me for the blog.

As always with these things, honest discussion of bodily functions ahead. You have been warned!

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99 Days Until Disney

Those of you who follow this blog will know that Amy and I love Disney! For as long as I can remember, the movies and the characters have had a very special place in my heart and in my childhood. I’ve seen the Little Mermaid and Aladdin more times than I’ve blinked in my life and my favourite songs to sing along to whilst cleaning are Disney ones.  Continue reading

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The Scary Part of Parenting

Does anyone else find that when their child does something potentially dangerous, they almost obsess about it for the next few days? Since Eden has been a toddler, this is a pretty frequent occurrence for me, but yesterday really took the biscuit. If you have your judgy pants on, please don’t read any further.  Continue reading

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Infertility in the Postnatal Ward

As someone who has been through infertility, it is often at the forefront of my mind. It makes up a lot of what I do, what I say and it still dictates how I feel about a lot of things. I’ve realised over time though, that those who haven’t been affected by it genuinely have no idea. Why would they, of course? There are things I have no idea about as well. A lot of people say you don’t take notice of infertility until it affects you, and something happened to me a couple of weeks ago that reminded me of that. Continue reading

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Why The World Needs Doc McStuffins

The “big” news story on Facebook last week was that kids’ show “Doc McStuffins” had featured a lesbian couple with a child. And wow. The internet was losing its collective shit all over the place. I’m a member of many a Disney group on Facebook and all over there were people pulling the “I’m not homophobic but…” and “I’m entitled to my opinion…” excuses.

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