Oh, The Places You Will Go – Eden’s First Shoes.

Since just before she turned one, Eden has been working hard at walking. We were aways told that we needed about six weeks of confident walking before considering shoes, and when that time came around we headed to our local shoe store to find Eden’s very first pair of shoes.  Continue reading

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Did You See Us In Chat Magazine?

We recently appeared in Chat Magazine, which is a womens’ weekly publication here in the UK. It was a great story about how we found Superhero Donor and the resulting little superstar that came from his help.

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Eden’s Cake Smash!

I have always loved the idea of a cake smash shoot for a first birthday. Bright colours, froofy tutus and cake? What’s not to love? I think they’re absolutely fantastic when done well, and when my sister offered to buy Eden a photoshoot for her birthday I booked up a local photographer immediately.

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npower Family Super Powers

It always makes me laugh when I hear someone say that they or someone else is “just” a parent. JUST a parent? Personally, I think every parent is a super hero. We were contacted by npower and Mumsnet to talk about our very own superpowers, so I gave some thought to my personal skills.

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REVIEW – Messy Me Tunic Bib



We were recently sent a coverall bib from Messy Me to try out. Eden, like most babies, is a messy eater so we were interested to see how it would work out.  Continue reading

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REVIEW- Funky Giraffe Scood

Eden has always been a dribbler as well as being an all round messy moo – just like most babies I guess. When she first started teething, I found that we were going through several bibs a day and some were leaving sore marks on her neck or the dribble was leaking through onto her clothes. We have always loved Funky Giraffe, right from when Eden was born. So when they asked us to review their new Scood, we happily accepted.  Continue reading

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