When Mental Health Is A Barrier…

You know when you have those things that stop you in your tracks when they shouldn’t? The things that you don’t expect to be an issue that suddenly become one. Well, my mental health appears to have become one of those things!

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There Are No Medals For Birth… 

In this day and age, it seems many people are fixed on the idea of “natural” birth. No pain relief, calm, lovely, magical birth. As natural as the Earth around us and just like we used to do in the “old days”. It seems to be considered “superior”. I saw an article recently about the amount of women who develop birth trauma because they didn’t get to follow their birth plan.

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Just You Wait…

People just love to say “just you wait…” don’t they? Doesn’t matter what the conversation, if it’s to do with children there is always a “just you wait…”

Sometimes it’s like being with sodding Eliza Dolittle!

“She throws all her food on the floor!” “Just you wait (Henry Higgins) ’til she’s three!”

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Quit Being Judgey McJudgerson

You know how it is. As parents – as humans really – we get judged. Quite often we get judged on absolutely everything and there’s a certain amount of percieved jusdement as well – times where people maybe aren’t judging but you definitely feel like they are. Like when the toddler throws a fit and lays on the supermarket floor or won’t budge off the slide in the park even though there’s a rapidly growing queue of small people wanting to play on said slide. Or when you drop something, mutter “shit” under your breath and your child spends the next ten minutes singing “shit shit shit shiiiit” at the top of their lungs, despite your very best Mary Poppins-esque “we don’t say that darling…” No one says anything, but we all know they’re judging.

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A Change Is On The Way…

I’ve been back at work about three months now. I work in NHS admin and have done for about three years.

When I left work for maternity leave, it was busy. But it was busy due to having no staff and upper level management not planning ahead and recognising that people had holidays, maternity leave etc etc. Indeed, when I went on maternity leave suddenly (consultant signed me off), my colleague was left as the only member of staff in the department. Considering we cover both of the two hospitals in our trust, it was a pretty dire position to be in. Continue reading

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Eden’s 16 Month Update

It’s been a while since I did a monthly update, so I figured it was time to bring you all up to date with my favourite little human and what she’s been up to over the last few months!


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My Community, My London…

Some things really make you consider your community as a whole and the kind of people with whom you spend your time. Although I am not a native Londoner, I am very much a Londoner. I join in with the practise of ignoring everyone on the tube, get annoyed at those that can’t follow the (REALLY SIMPLE!!) escalator rules and huff at tourist who walk three abreast down Oxford Street when I’m just trying to get to John Lewis.

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