Ten Months!

Eden has reached the grand old age of ten months! Sorry this update is (as usual) late, but here we go with what she’s been up to in the last month or so.

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Wave of Light for LossĀ 

Today is international Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It’s the culmination of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week. 
Tonight I light my candles not only for our Squishy, but for every baby lost too early. Every baby lost through ectopic pregnancy, blighted ovum, missed miscarriage, placenta problems, complications at birth, SIDS and all those other ways that little ones are taken too soon. My candle is also lit for those who had their dreams of a baby stolen by infertility.
I light my candle for every parent told “it was just a ball of cells”, “at least you can get pregnant” or “maybe it wasn’t your time”. For every couple or parent who has felt they needed to greive alone because people don’t talk about pregnancy or infant loss. For everyone who has hidden their loss and tried to go on as normal. For everyone who has been told they shouldn’t have been excited because it’s “one of those things”. For everyone who could tell you immediately how old their baby would have been had they made it.

Squishy would have been 20 months.
Light a candle. Join the #waveoflight. Remember all of those babies, because they all count and they all knew nothing but love. No matter how soon they were taken, how long they were known about or how tiny they were, they counted. 
I am 1 in 4.
Thinking About Loss

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Days Out With Aldi Mamia

Recetly, we took part in the #Mamiadaysout Challenge with Aldi and Britmums. Aldi do a whole bunch of baby goodies, and we were sent a few of them to try out on the go. I’ve got into the habit of carrying quite a few snacks and things with me in the last little while as they are helpful when Eden is having a whine or just getting bored of being in the buggy, so I was excited to see what was around the corner.

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Our Morning with Little Tikes!

Last week we attended the launch of some fantastic new products with the lovely folk at Little Tikes UK. We’ve always had a couple of Little Tikes toys hanging around the house for Eden, so we were all interested to see what they would come up with next.

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Bedtime with the #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

Sleep! Remember sleep? Before I had a baby I really got a lot of that sleep thing. Of course, I didn’t appreciate it at the time. If only there would have been a way to save up some of that sleep for nowadays! When we were asked to take part in the #Bepanthenbedtimechallenge I jumped at the chance. Wet nappies are one of the most common things that interrupt babies’ sleep, so anything that combats that is worth a go in my book!

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“Emergency Ambulance. What’s the address of the emergency?” Words that you only hear when things are REALLY bad. Generally if you’re hearing these words it’s because you need help and you need it fast.

I spotted a trending hashtag on Twitter a few days ago which took me right back to my life only a few years back. The #Iam999 hashtag has been created by fictional police force “Bullshire Police” to celebrate the work of Emergency Dispatchers. Continue reading

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Eden at Nine Months Old

September. The leaves are turning shades of orange and brown, the air is (supposed to be) colder and the nights are drawing in. Pumpkin Spice latte season is in full swing at Starbucks and Eden is nine whole months old! At this moment, she has been out in the world longer than I was pregnant with her!

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