When Everything Goes Right…

Today I had one of those days that reminded me why I wanted to become a parent in the first place. We had been invited along to the Parent Blogger Day at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and I had gone back and forth on whether we would actually go or not. Amy was working and the idea of Eden potentially having a tantrum while it was just me and her was a lot to handle. Plus, holding her on the reins and steering the buggy is not one of my talents, especially with the buggy’s tendency to veer to the left and Eden’s tendency to veer… well… everywhere. I had a tough day yesterday and I didn’t feel like I wanted it to continue into today.  Continue reading

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REVIEW – Hook-A-Monster Crochet Class

A little while ago I decided that I was going to learn to crochet. I’d seen some tiny sloths online and fancied making some fuzzy faced, claw-handed little friends for myself. ‘How hard can it be?‘ I thought. Erm… hard. The first night I tried to crochet, I ended up with nothing but a large knot and pretty much launched my pointy hook across the room. I’d purchased a magazine that promised their “Christmas dog” pattern was for beginners. I’m not sure what kind of “beginner” they meant, but it was definitely not me!

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REVIEW – Bottleshot Brew Coffee

I admit I’m a fully fledged coffee addict. Nothing to hide here – I love my coffee. I don’t do too well if I’m not caffeinated and sometimes people joke that I should get my coffee via IV. So, when I was invited to try “Bottle Shot Brew”, I did not take much convincing that this would be for me.22711424_10159355261000580_425928437_n Continue reading

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Why I Posted #MeToo

Some of you may have seen the #MeToo movement on social media at the moment. In response to high profile sexual assault and harassment cases, women have been sharing their stories of when they have been sexually harasssed, assaulted or abused. It’s a way of bringing to the forefront just how much this happens.

Some have called it “attention seeking”, which says a lot about attitudes towards sexual assault, harassment and abuse. Some have gone on the defensive. Others have called people liars.

Here’s my story…

(**Trigger Warning here for discussion of Sexual Assault**)Image result for #MeToo

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Gender Schmender

The hot topic in the last couple of weeks has been UK department store John Lewis removing “gender” labelling from their children’s clothes. You can read about the announcement here. To my surprise, reactions online have been very much a mixed bag. something that I really did not believe was an issue has become the source of many an online fight.  Continue reading

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Guest Post – Egg Donation Part Two

Yesterday, you may have read the start of my friend Beccy’s journey to donate her eggs. Here is the second part of her adventure…

As always, descriptions of bodily functions ahead! Part one is HERE if you missed it!

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Guest Post – Egg Donation Part One

We love to talk about sperm donation here – after all that’s where our darling girl came from. But something people don’t talk about is egg donation – women donating their eggs altruistically to give another family a chance at a baby. My wonderful friend Beccy has recently been through the process and I asked her to share it with the me for the blog.

As always with these things, honest discussion of bodily functions ahead. You have been warned!

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