What Am I Supposed To Say?

Picture the scene. I’m on the bus with Eden. She’s doing her usual chattering at people, smiling and generally being cute. Someone gets into conversation with us and is asking questions about her. Then they say…

“I bet you’re daddy’s little princess, aren’t you?”

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Social Anxiety and Being Mum to “that” Child…

Those who know Eden know what a chatty, happy little girl she is. Eden is “that” child. You know the one. You’re on the bus, minding your own business and you notice a baby looking at you from their pushchair. Then they smile at you. Then they start babbling at you. You look away after engaging for a bit and then you hear “eh” or some similar “look at me” noise, which doesn’t stop until you engage with them again. Never mind their poor parents who are trying their hardest to distract the world’s friendliest child so that you can go on with your day. Eden is that child.


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Pokemon Trainer Fuel With the #HartleysYourLunchbox Challenge!

Pokemon Go fever is sweeping the nation. If you haven’t heard of this little game, where have you been? Seriously, what have you been doing? Walking through parks nowadays you will see lots of folk looking at their phone and actually talking to each `other!. “Found much?””nope. Just Weedles! Nothing but Weedles!”

Being the very best (like no one ever was) requires nutritious, healthy fuel and that’s where the Hartley’s Your Lunch box Challenge comes in!  Continue reading

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Silent Sunday 21/08/2016

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Eight Month Update

Last week Eden turned eight whole months old. Time really is flying and it’s hard to believe that she’s closer to a year old than newborn.


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#MicroblogMondays Making Mummy Friends…

Microblog_MondaysNot sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.


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Why We Need To Stop Being Dicks About “Fed Is Best”.

We’ve all seen the ads, the posters in Dr’s waiting rooms, in hospital birth centres, labour wards and antenatal clinics. The ones that are given to you before birth, after birth… Probably during birth in some places. “Breast is best”. That slogan promoting breastfeeding. Breast is best for your child. Nothing else is as good.

Lately we’ve seen a new phrase pop up. “Fed is best”.

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