Eden’s 16 Month Update

It’s been a while since I did a monthly update, so I figured it was time to bring you all up to date with my favourite little human and what she’s been up to over the last few months!


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My Community, My London…

Some things really make you consider your community as a whole and the kind of people with whom you spend your time. Although I am not a native Londoner, I am very much a Londoner. I join in with the practise of ignoring everyone on the tube, get annoyed at those that can’t follow the (REALLY SIMPLE!!) escalator rules and huff at tourist who walk three abreast down Oxford Street when I’m just trying to get to John Lewis.

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School Holidays, Exams and Letting Kids be Kids

If you’re in the UK, chances are you’ve seen the news posts about the dad who essentially went to the High Court (the highest court in alllll the land) to challenge a fine for taking his daughter out of school for a holiday. Pretty much all of the (child-having) UK were awaiting the result of this case and – like me – were surprised and upset that he lost. The judge ruled that him taking his daughter out of school for a holiday was unlawful.

(Serious rambling ahead…)

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Things I’m Learning About Confidence

When I was younger – especially during those nasty, spotty teenage years – confidence was something that was very much for other people. I wasn’t a very confident person at all – Im still not in fairness. My mum telling me to “just be confident” didn’t really help matters, to say the least, like it was something one can just pull out of a hat and “do”. The bullies didn’t help, and neither did the range of haircuts that often resembled brocollis. As a parent, I’m starting to realise that I can’t teach Eden to be confident if I am not.

At twenty nine, I’m now starting to learn what real confidence is and I feel like for the first time in my life, I’m actually becoming confident, rather than just trying to act confident and shut down my inner critic, who often has quite a lot to say, the loudmouth bitch.  Continue reading

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Let Socks Be… Socks?!

Most folk are aware of the ” Let Clothes Be Clothes” movement, which encourages retailers to not label clothes by gender and instead allow children to choose for themselves. There’s also the sister movement – “Let Toys Be Toys”. I’ve found a lot of retailers are great now for not labelling things. There’s a whole other battle to get on with, but for the most part retailers are starting to listen or at least try to understand a little.

Imagine my suprise when I saw this on Facebook from a user named Elle…

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Learning To Be A Curly Girl…

There comes a time where you have to step up and learn about something because one day your daughter will want to know.

Those who know me, know how many problems I have with my curly hair. I HATE my curls. They’re frizzy, gross and I just can’t do anything with them. They spend much of their life tied back in a ponytail. I used to straighten occasionally but I’ve given that up now as well. Straightening with a toddler? Yeah, ok. That sounds like a laugh… Continue reading

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REVIEW – Cuddleroar Toddler Towel

We are big Cuddledry fans in this house, and have been since we bought Eden’s first Cuddledry apron towel when Eden was about six months old. You can find my review of the apron towel here. When Cuddledry contacted us to try one of their toddler towels I could not say yes fast enough, especially as Eden is fast outgrowing her apron towel.

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